• We want to welcome you back to another school year.  We are excited to serve as your PTO Board members this year and look forward to working with you. The PTO’s mission is to lead parents, school leaders, and teachers to work together for the betterment of the school and our children. The PTO is 100% volunteer based which means that we cannot go it alone!  We invite you to get involved with the PTO this year by signing up to volunteer at events or serve as a committee chair to lead an event. 

    We are ALWAYS open to new ideas so please submit them at anytime to our email - oesisthebest@gmail.com 

    Or drop a note in our PTO Mailbox located in the mail room.    


     The Osceola Banner Sponsorship Campaign is underway! Families and businesses can be a sponsor. At a $100 your name will appear on the “Friends of Osceola” Banner and the levels increase from there.  Be a Chief supporter and sponsor a banner today!  

    NEW this year - Marquee level!  

    Be a Marquee sponsor and have your business logo on the OES Marquee sign in the front of the school for 3 months!

    We thank you in advance for considering support for our school!


    Come be a part of the PTO and help enrich your child’s OES experience!

    Respectfully yours,

    Your PTO Board members - Nancy, Gloria, Stephanie, and Marie



    OES PTO is now on Facebook!

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