• Winged Foot Scholarship Foundation – The Winged Foot Scholarship Foundation  is in pursuit of those characteristics exemplified by the highest standards  in sportsmanship, the desire to excel and to compete with a

    The WINGED FOOT SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARD is designed to recognize the top scholar athletes in Collier County’s high schools, public and private.

    The WINGED FOOT SCHOLARSHIP was created in the spirit of the Downtown Athletic Club’s Heisman Trophy.

    The program currently pays tribute to thirteen “Winged Foot Nominees” consisting of one senior scholar-athlete, selected by school officials, to represent each participating high school. In the week prior to the awards ceremony, each nominee will be featured in the Naples Daily News sports section. Heavy emphasis will be placed on academic and leadership achievements as well as athletic accomplishments.

    - Senior class member of high moral character.
    - Commitment to attend a fully accredited junior college, college or university.
    (Continuation in athletics not required)
    - Letter of recommendation from one coach.
    - Letter of recommendation from one teacher, other than a coach.
    - Cumulative grade point average through the first semester of senior year of at least 3.0.
    - Varsity letter earned in at least two FHSAA-sanctioned sports.

     As their school’s nominee, a transcript through the first semester of senior year.
    - As their school’s nominee, a personal interview with the Winged Foot Selection Committee.

    - Consideration for Advanced Placement and Honors classes.
    - Officer in any student government or official club/organization recognized by the school.
    - Member of the National Honor Society or National Merit Scholarship Foundation.
    - Member of any honorary or service group within or exclusive of school.
    - Career varsity letters earned.
    - Seasonal Most Valuable Player (MVP), All-County, District and State selection.
    - Participant in a state meet, match or championship game in sports in which the athlete earned a varsity letter.
    - State champion.

    Nominees receive a $5,000 scholarship and a plaque. The winner receives a $10,000 scholarship ($2,500 per year for four years) and a Winged Foot trophy. Additionally, the winner’s name will be engraved on the original Winged Foot trophy and proudly displayed at Gallagher Insurance.

     All applications will be due to Bill Mottola, our Activities Coordinator, before April 7, 2023.

      Please allow sufficient time to acquire the required documents.

     Good luck and best wishes!

      Click on the link below for the Winged Foot application:

    Winged Foot Application 2023