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    Calusa Park has a mandatory uniform policy which has been approved by the CCPS School Board. Parents are responsible for purchasing and maintaining their child's uniform clothing items.



    All students are to wear a solid color polo style shirt with a collar. Shirts should not have any logos larger than a square inch, except for a CPE logo. Midriffs cannot be exposed at anytime. All oversized shirts must be tucked in. Shirts should not be more than one size larger than the student's actual size. No stripes or designs are allowed. Shirts should not be tied up to reveal undergarments.


    Boys Bottoms

    Boys will be required to wear solid-colored (no logos), tan, black or navy blue pants or Bermuda style shorts (no athletic shorts). The shorts must have a minimum of a 6" inseam. Cargo pockets are accepted. No sweat pants (except during cold weather). Inappropriately oversized garments will not be accepted.


    Girls Bottoms

    Girls are required to wear solid-colored (no logos) tan, black or navy blue pants, Bermuda style shorts, skorts, skirts, or capris. Dresses and jumpers must be navy blue, black or tan in color and should be no less than three inches above the knee. Skorts and shorts must fall two inches below fingertips when arms are extended at the side. Lengths of skirts, skorts, jumpers and shorts will be strictly enforced. Solid color leggings and solid color tights may be worn under appropriate length skirts or jumpers, but cannot be worn on their own. No "skinny" pants or sweatpants (except during cold weather).



    All students are required to wear athletic style sneakers that are laced and tied or have Velcro closures on P.E. days.  No zipper shoes are allowed.  Sneakers that go up to the knee are not allowed.  Sneakers must be completely closed toed with an enclosed back.

    On days that a student does NOT have P.E. they may wear shoes that are closed toed with an enclosed back and rubber sole such as the Mary Jane or Docksider style. Shoes that are now available with games and/or music included are NOT allowed.  Students may not wear sandals, cleats, dress shoes or boots.
    No “Heelies” at all are to be worn.


    All students must be in compliance with Collier County District Guidelines. Distracting styles and colors are not allowed.


    Socks must be worn. 


    Belts are not required.


    Excessive jewelry is not allowed. Earrings should not be larger than a quarter.


    Ball caps, worn appropriately, are encouraged when PE is held on the field or basketball court. Otherwise, no hats, scarves or bandanas are allowed.

    Winter Wardrobe: 

    If students wish to wear long sleeves or sweaters in the classrooms they must follow these guidelines:

    Students may elect to wear:


    • long sleeve solid color polo shirts
    • turtle necks or shirts worn under polo shirts should be solid in color, no patterns.  
    • solid sweatshirts (pullover or zipper) or sweaters (no logos), etc…
    • Jackets or sweaters not meeting these guidelines cannot be worn inside the classroom.


     Additional Info: 
    • CPE T-Shirts can be worn with uniform bottoms on Fridays.
    • Uniforms must fit appropriately – they cannot be oversized or too small/tight.
    • Uniforms must be worn on all field trips unless it is stated otherwise on the permission slip.
    • No Visible tattoos.
    • Parents will be notified of all dress down days in advance.
    • Unless you’re given written notification, assume your child should be in uniform, even on picture days.
    • On cold mornings students will be expected to be in uniform. (No jeans or boots allowed)
    • Ripped, torn or dirty clothing will not be allowed.
    • Undergarments should not be visible.


    Dress Code Violations

    First Offense - Verbal warning


    2nd Offense - Student receives a minor infraction.  Minor Infractions for uniform violations will be kept on a separate minor infraction form.


    Subsequent Offenses – Student receives Minor infractions.  On Third Minor infraction student should also be sent to office, and they will place a call home.  4th minor infraction is a referral.



    Donations of uniform clothing are needed. Please bring clothing to the office. 

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