• To minimize classroom disruption at the end of the day, students will not be called to the front office between 3:20-3:40.  If your child has an afternoon appointment, please be sure they are picked up before 3:20.  

    2017-2018 Student Handbook
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    Dress Code:

     Tops: Students are to wear solid color polo shirts. Logos, except IMS logo, must be 2x2 inches or smaller. Tops worn at school must be 3 inches below waist line or tucked in.


    6th Grade: will wear RED or Orange uniform shirts

    7th Grade: will wear NAVY BLUE or Yellow uniform shirts

    8th Grade: will wear BLACK or White uniform shirts

     Bottoms: Must be Khaki or Navy Blue bottoms.

    May be: Pants/Slacks, Shorts, Skirts, or Capri Pants. May NOT be: Jeans, Leggings (Jeggings), Corduroy, or athletic wear.

     Jean FundraisersStudents may wear solid blue jeans that are free of rips, holes, tears, and distress marks on Friday’s during the fundraiser.

    No Pullovers!



    à Jackets: Students may wear jackets and sweatshirts that zip or button the length of the jacket. Hoods must remain down from the time students enter the school gates until the time they exit.

    à Acceptable Accessories: watches, earrings (No Spikes), rings, bracelets, & necklaces.

    à Unacceptable Accessories: any body piercings, gloves, chokers, dog collars, chains that hang from clothing and visible tattoos.

    à Hair Color: Hair must be a natural color someone can be born with.

    ID badges are part of the uniform and must be worn at ALL times.

    Consequences WILL be issued for  violations of Dress Code or ID expectations


    In order to raise funds for our student and staff PBS we will be having optional dress down fundraisers on select Wednesdays and blue jean fundraisers every Friday or the last day of every school week.   For students making positive and responsible choices they will be allowed to participate for free, these students are identified in advance and provided a wrist band for a specific Wednesday fundraiser.  The Friday fundraisers are free to all students who have earned a renaissance badge.  On these select days students can choose to wear any CCPS approved attire for a donation of $1 for tops and $2 for bottoms.  Students do have the option of wearing either their uniform top or bottom as well, they do not have to fully dress down if they do not wish to.   If students wear jeans they must be free of any rips, holes, tears, or distress marks.


    Wednesday dress down IMS fundraisers- Students may wear any CCPPS approved clothing.  Jeans must be free of rips, holes, tears, and distress marks.  



    Friday blue jean fundraisers- students may wear blue jeans only free of rips, holes, tears, and distress marks.

    -Every Friday or the last day of each student week (it could be Thursday or Wednesday depending on the school week).


    If you have any questions or concerns, please call our main office at 239-377-4200.



    Student ID

     · Students will be issued an ID badge which must be worn at ALL times.

    · If student has an emergency, needs to use the restroom, or go to the clinic with no ID, student will receive an infraction.

    · Replacement Cost: lost or defaced ID is $3.00. Lanyard is $2.00. 

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Responsible Use Agreement:
    Register Your Device: In order for a student to use their mobile device at a BYOD school, parents must digitally sign the Responsible Use Agreement. Parents can sign the Responsible Use Agreement by logging into the Parent Portal.