Related Arts Team

    Janis Mlekoday (IR)
    Sue Segal (Art)
    Michael Mclellan (Music)
    Miguel Font (PE)
    Matt Carmingiani(PE)


    Welcome all Internet Super Heroes!  We are all getting back into the swing of things as we kick off this new year. Plenty of new techology to learn to use from Microsoft 365 and working in the cloud to using Canvas a very practical housing application used by staff, admin and students alike. Kinder students have been learning mouse, number and letter skills needed for technology classroom success. Students in grades First through Fifth are working very hard on their keyboarding skills such as learning to locate and name the keys, learning to stay in home row position and learning finger reaches along with the resposiblity of each finger on the keyboard. We are working on our Words Per Minute and our Accuracy goals for the year. We will be starting our 4-6 week units on Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety where we are learning to become Good Digital Citizens through applications and websites such as Netsmartz and Common Sense Media. It is an exciting new year and we are super excited.



    All students started the year learning about the Art Room - rules, procedures & how to move about the room in a safe manner. Our lessons began by learning about the element of LINE –The projects made included using crayons, markers & paint.

    FYI: Kindergarten & Grade 1 will be bringing home their artwork in book form at the end of the year. I keep the art projects made by grades 2 – 5 until the end of the year also. This way I have many items to choose from for art shows throughout the year.

    We have started our projects for the Square1Art fundraiser. We should receive our custom order forms around October 25.   The deadline for ordering will be November 11.   For your convenience this year, you will be able to place your orders online. Details will be in your order packet. Should you choose to bring your order to school, please have your checks or money orders made out to Square1Art (not SPE). I expect the orders to arrive at school around December 5, just in time for the holidays!   Thanks so much for supporting the Art department!

    It is a joy to open the eyes of your children to the world of Art.



    The first part of the school year Mr. McClellan’s music classes incorporate activities welcoming children to the school and music class with activities involving singing, moving and playing rhythm instruments. Many of the activities in music class involve groups of children and partners to foster creativity and cooperation. Children acquire fundamental music concepts and skills through active engagement in all activities to implement understanding and preparation for future lessons throughout the school year. Currently primary are engaged in lessons with rhythmic chants and body motions utilizing rhythm sticks, and moving/singing to several songs. Intermediate children are engaged in beat activities using children names, rhythmic chants and songs incorporating movement and rhythm instruments in groups and with partners.  


    Physical Education

    Mr. C. and I are so excited to be back. This year is going to be out of this world!!

    We will start with some administrative protocols for Physical Education classes. Your student can come to Physical Education with any SPE spirit “T-shirt”, JRFH or Kids Heart Challenge shirt, KOTG or Blue Zone t-shits, or with the regular SPE dress code. The shorts should be the same as the everyday shorts. No basketball shorts, sweat pants, or leggings are allowed. We highly recommend your child brings a water bottle, it gets extremely hot and humid during class, and there is only one water fountain station with cold water.

    During the first quarter we have been working on locomotor skills. Kinder, first and second graders worked on their locomotor skills, such as walking, jogging, running, galloping, skipping, shuffling, jumping, and hoping. 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders concentrated on locomotor skills performed safely during different activities. Tag games where used to develop chasing, dodging, and fleeing skills. Students also learned how to take turns and share, while learning the fine motor skills involved with cup stacking.

    We do our fitness section of the class to a Tabata song, doing Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Shoulder Touches and Burpees. In September we switched the exercises to Nordic Skiers, Clock Walks, Sit-Ups and Squats. Ask your child to show you these exercises!  Pushups and curl ups should be practiced at home. It’s a lot more rewarding and successful if you work out with them! Students, also have been learning about 9-5-2-1-0 and Kids on the Go! Ask your child how this helps them stay fit and healthy.

    We will be introducing, reviewing and mastering individual and long ropes, as well as Chinese rope. In October we will be working on throwing and catching, and mixing it up with the rope jumps.

    In November, we will be participating in achieving a Guinness World Record in Cup Stacking. In preparation for this event during PE class, students will be learning proper speed stacking skills and rules. To achieve this record schools from around the world will cup stack on the same day. The goal is to have over 650,000 people all cup stacking on the same day! This will be our 9th time participating in this event!

    During the second quarter we will be working on throwing and catching. Students will be participating in activities like bowling, horse shoe, Kan-Jam, and lead up games to sports like team handball and basketball.

    Please remember to encourage your student to stay active at least 60 minutes a day, eat healthy snacks and cut down on sugary drinks and foods. We encourage them to bring water bottles and leave their jewelry at home the days they have Physical Education.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 239-377-8231, or via email, at fontmi@collierschools.com

    Mr. Font and Mr. Calcagnini. (Mr. C.)