Sue Segal (Art)
    Janis Mlekoday (Instructional Resource)
    Lindsay Haerle (Music)
    Miguel Font (PE)
    Anthony Guidry(PE) 



     Hello dear families!  What an interesting start to the school year we are having in Art class!

    Up until about January, we will be doing a great deal of looking, seeing & drawing in class.

    A few things you & your student(s) should already know are:

    • We will be using Sharpie permanent markers, crayons, colored pencils & colored markers.
    • To keep the Art room clean & organized each student has their own bag/box of these supplies that they bring to class once per week or use at home during Virtual classes.
    • It is very important that the Virtual students label their Art when they email it to me so that I am able to keep track of who has sent it to me & who hasn’t. Their grades depend on this!
    • Students who are at SPE for class already know that I keep their artwork at school until the end of the school year. This way they can always go back & work on them but also so that I have projects to choose from for Art Shows when they come up.

    This year, I am incorporating Famous Artists to our lessons; students will learn about different artists & an Art lesson will be made in the style of that artist.  Be sure to ask you student what they are learning in class!

    So far, we have learned about Henri Rousseau & his Jungle paintings & Joan Miro & Surrealism.  Additional lessons will be mixed in during the year.


    Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.  I am looking forward to a fun year in the art room! 

    Mrs. Segal

    Tech Talk

    Who’s Talking About Techlab? We just flew through our First Quarter of the school year 2020 and what a triumph that was. We began a new typing program Typing Club and learned all about Being a Good Digital Citizen and about making good choices on and off line in Grades K-5. Now we are barreling right into 2nd Quarter with as much enthusiasm. All Students, K-5 this coming Q2, we will be using Code.orgHour of Code” (HOC)! We are off on a 5-7 week journey to help build coding skills and a love and curiosity for this important literacy. At all the elementary level we have several goals:

    • To foster a love of coding and the problem solving skills inherent in the process.
    • To build a base of skills and help students internalize the important concepts of coding that will serve as the foundation of understanding for learning a variety of coding languages in their future.
    • To encourage persistence, perseverance and the learning that takes place when you make mistakes and find solutions.


    This is one of our favorite units of the year both for us as educators and for our students.

    Mrs. M

    From the Music Room


    Hello Sabal Palm Hawk Family!  This year has been quite the beginning of a school year!  Although this year is a little different, we are doing the best that we can in music class to gain all our music knowledge and experiences!  We have been working hard to do our best, and I look forward to seeing all that will come as the year moves forward!

    A few things you & your student(s) should already know are:

    • We do use instruments in the music classroom! We also take EXTRA precautions by sanitizing our hands before and after we come to music AND sanitizing our chairs and instruments we use each time they are used.
    • To stay social distanced in the music classroom, we sit in chairs that are kept within a square box. Students are sat in every other box or kept 6 feet away from each other while sitting.    
    • It is very important that the Virtual students make sure they have their cameras on while we Webex our lessons. Music is a very participatory type of class, so Ms. Haerle needs to see the kids actively taking part in the music experience. 
    • As we move into the second quarter, please make sure you keep in touch with Canvas. My lessons are put up on Canvas when you go to the Music page and click on the button “Lesson” button!  Since Related Arts will be more asynchronous in the second quarter, PLEASE make sure you submit all assignments in a timely fashion!  This will keep your grade looking the way you want it to for second quarter grades!

    This year, I am incorporating popular music and world music into some of our lessons; students will learn about music concepts while using popular music that could be heard on the radio!  Other lessons are developed around activities and world music cultures and their instruments and sounds.  Be sure to ask you student what they are learning in music class each day they get to experience it!


    Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.  I am looking forward to a marvelous musical year in the music room!

    Ms. Haerle


    From The Physical Education Team

    Hello Everyone!

    What year we are having!!

    First and foremost, we want to welcome Coach Guidry to our Physical Education staff!  He is awesome!!

    We started this school year with in-person and virtual classes. Challenging to say the least!


    During the first quarter we learned about fitness and MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activities).  Students leaned different workouts to Tabata songs, and the importance of knowing their heart rate during physical activities. We played some games, but mostly was designed to physical fitness.


    The second quarter started and we began to use some bean bags and gator skin balls to learn to roll, underhand throw and toss, and over hand throw.

    We will continue to work on ball handling throughout the 2nd quarter, learning, reviewing and practicing dribbling, throwing and catching and more. We can’t wait to show our students what we have in store for them!!


    Remember to stay safe, have fun, keep moving, sweat a little and don’t forget to wash your hands!!


    Coach Guidry and Mr. Font