Transcript Requests

  • High School Transcript Request Form

    AICE Transcipt Forms:

    Please complete and send this form directly to Cambridge: AICE Transcript Form

    To request your AICE transcript be sent to the college you are attending in order to receive course credit, this form MUST be sent directly to Cambridge. Please be sure to follow all directions on the form accurately and completely. This is a new form so be sure you are not using an old one. 

    Go ahead and send this request to Cambridge now so they can get transcripts to colleges as soon as possible. If you were scheduled to take any exams this year, list those exams on the form and Cambridge will send those additional results to your college when they are available. 

    Helpful Information for Completing AICE Transcript Request Form:

    If you do not remember when you took an exam, this information can be found on the test history portion of your transcript along with your candidate number. 

    Centre Number:                        US118 

    Centre Name and Address:        Barron Collier High School, 5600 Cougar Drive, Naples, Florida 34109 USA

    Qualification:                           Cambridge GCE AS

     *If you do not know your candidate number, your current AICE teacher should be able to tell you that information or your counselor could access it in your test history in Focus.


    Questions? Contact:

    Mrs. Stephanie Yonge

    Guidance Secretary/Registrar