Elementary Health Education

  • Elementary Health Education Assessed Learning Goals

     K-5 Assessed Learning Goals Health Education 

    (8-24-2018 last edit)



    CPALMS - K-5 Health 



    *Please note: Rule 6A-Implementation of Mental Health, Substance Use and Child Trafficking Education requirements have been updated by Curriculum and Instruction Team according to the state rules

    • CCPS has always included Alcohol and Drug Use, Abuse, Misuse and Prevention Education in K-8 Health Lessons/Curriculum Guides

    • Child Trafficking at elementary will include the dangers around us, child luring, internet safety and personal safety components; a specific lesson for K-2 and 3-5 will be provided

    • Mental Health Education was not a K-5 requirement, however CCPS implements a strong Social and Emotional Health integration ongoing throughout the year at elementary  and throughout our classroom health curriculum 



    Human Growth and Development(HGD) Unit


    Parent Information Letter for Human Growth and Development (HGD)

    CCPS teachers are responsible for reviewing updates annually and training every 3-5 years. Classroom teachers will provide their principals with the content that will be utilized during the HGD 1-3 day unit that can be viewed at your child's school site.  This unit is to be taught similar to that of any science and health unit. Please request an appointment with your school prinicpal or the District Coordinator if you would like more information on what is taught.  The videos for HGD unit must be viewed at your child's school due to specific log in requirements.  HGD parent letters will be sent home by your child's school indicating the selected period of time that they intend to provide HGD instruction. If you do not wish for your child to participate you may write a letter to the principal.  An alternate assignment will be provided for students whose parents would like their child to not receive the HGD Unit. Although not a requirement, the district recommends waiting until at least 90 days(After Thanksgiving Break) into the school year prior to presenting HGD content. Please note the unit is developed around the learning goals and life skills below, often times there is a misunderstanding of what is covered, if you have any questions please contact Tracy Bowen, the District Coordinator (contact information below).


    The Learning Goals for our Human Growth and Development Unit

    The Student Can:

    1) Describe characteristics of valid health information, products and services.

    2) Examine when you would need help in making a health related decision. Who can you ask and why you should ask?

    3) Determine how behavior affects your personal health and identify examples from this unit.

    4) Identify human body parts and body systems specific to your growth and development.

    5) Determine how to avoid or reduce health risks and be responsible for health behaviors. Identify examples from this unit.


    The Life Skills Questions of Focus for this Unit:

    1) How can I show strong character?

    2) How can I show respect for myself, for my body and for others?

    3) How can I access reliable health information, products and services?

    4) How can regular check ups help me to understand my growth and development?

    5) How can I demonstrate proper hygiene at home and at school?


    District Coordinator for Health and Physical Education

    Tracy Bowen