Middle School Health Education

  • Comprehensive Health Education is embedded in the middle school grade level curriculum guide for science. The health program for middle schools is taught almost exclusively by science teachers, typically in May. The health curriculum consists of eleven (11) lessons to cover the required Comprehensive Health Education components (see F.S. Statute 1003.42).


    • Lesson 1: Personal Health, Nutrition, and Goal Setting

    • Lesson 2: Mental and Emotional Health - Believe in You

    • Lesson 3: Stress and Personal Health

    • Lesson 4: Consumer and Personal Health

    • Lesson 5: Injury. Disease Prevention, and Safety

    • Lesson 6: Online Safety, Luring, and Peer Pressures (New combination)

    • Lesson 7: Teen Dating, Violence, and Trafficking Prevention

    • Lesson 8: Decision making, Substance Use, Misuse / Abuse

    • Lesson 9: Vaping - Tobacco/Marijuana - Addiction and Consequences

    • Lesson 10: Reproductive Health and Disease Education: Part 1

    • Lesson 11: Reproductive Health and Disease Education: Part 2


    Grades 6-8 Reproductive Health and Disease Education Unit 


     GRADE 6 - 8  HOPE Course


     Parent Notification / Opt-out Letter for Reproductive Health and Disease Education Lessons: 

    Parental Opt-out Notification Letter - ENGLISH

    Parental Opt-out Notification Letter - SPANISH

    Parental Opt-out Notification Letter - CREOLE



    Please do not hesitate to reach out to Tracy Bowen, Coordinator for K-12 Health, Physical, and Driver Education with any questions using the contact information below. 



    Tracy Bowen, M.Ed.
    Coordinator, K-12 Health and Physical Education and Driver Education

    Teaching and Learning
    Collier County Public Schools

    p: 239.377.3370 | f: 239.377.0167 | e: bowentr@collierschools.com
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