• The Debate Program
    An Academic Competition 
    GGH vs. LHS
    The Middle and High School Debate Programs are designed to recognize and challenge Collier County’s academically talented students.  Each team competes to persuade a citizen judge to vote for its side of the resolution through a series of speeches and crossfires, also known as debates.
    Students Involved
    • Middle School Students
    • High School Students 

    Click here to view the 2018-2019 high school debate finale!

    Results of the 2018-2019 Competition 
    High School:  Congratulations to the Lely High School Trojans for their victory, with the Golden Gate High School Titans in second and the Gulf Coast High School Sharks in third!
    MIddle School:  Congratulations to Gulfview MIddle on their victory, with Manatee Middle earning second and Pine Ridge third!


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