• School Advisory Council (SAC)

    Each Collier County Public School invites parents to get involved. One of the ways parents can get involved is through the School Advisory Council (SAC). This council is a group that brings members of representative groups together to assist with developing a school improvement plan and providing input on distribution of applicable funds.


    Each school must have a SAC that is ethnically, racially, and economically representative of its community. Members of the SAC are selected according to procedures established by the school and school board in compliance with the requirements of state statutes. Each SAC is composed of the principal and representatives of the following groups: teachers, education support employees, parents, community members, and in some cases, students. High schools and technical colleges must have students on SACs. Student membership on middle school SACs is optional. Teachers, education support employees, students, and parents are elected to the SAC by their peer groups. Community members are selected by the principal. 


    If parents are interested in participating on the School Advisory Council, they should contact their child’s school. Parents may contact a classroom teacher, the school counselor, SAC Chair, or an administrator at the school to express interest.



    Contact Kate Drilling for additional resources or training.