• School Advisory Council (SAC)

    School Advisory Councils (SAC) sets up priorities and student performance standards that serve as guiding principles for schools.  The SAC is composed of the principal and a balanced number of elected teachers, education support employees, students, and parents, along with appointed business and community people, who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school.
    A School Advisory Council looks at aspects of their school as suggested by the priorities and develops a written School Improvement Plan as part of the school and District's continuous growth model.
    Florida Statutory Requirements (1001.452) and CCPS School Board Policy (2125) for SACs:


      • SAC Membership must be within 10% of the demographic make-up of the school.
      • The number of non-District employees must be at least 51% of the total SAC membership.
      • The deadline for elections is October 15th (per School Board Policy 2125). 
      • SAC Membership should be entered into Data Warehouse by October 23, 2017.
      • Notification of nominations for SAC members must be posted in the school office and sent to parents in all applicable languages a minimum of two times, two weeks prior to election
      • Members must be elected by peer group and written ballots must be used.
      • Schools must maintain minutes of all SAC meetings.  Minutes must be available in the school office.
      • SAC meetings during which a vote is taken must be advertised a minimum of 5 days prior to the meeting.  Per statute, a quorum is a majority of members present.
      • High schools must have student representation on the SAC.  Middle schools may have student representation if they choose to do so.
      • SAC By-Laws/Operations Manual must be reviewed annually and revised as appropriate.
      • A vote by quorum is required for approval of School Improvement Plan, SIP budget, and expenditure of A+ money.  A quorum shall be 51% of the total SAC membership
        • Votes may be taken  only if a quorum is present
        • There shall be no voting by proxy. There shall be no secret ballots. All voting shall take place at an open meeting (not by phone, email, or any other nonpublic way) in compliance with the Sunshine Law.
        • Additional decisions may be determined through consensus and should be reflected in minutes of the meeting
      • SAC meetings are open to the public.

    District Expectations for FY18:

      • The 2017-2018 SIP must be approved by your SAC no later than October 27, 2017.
      • Minutes must specifically reflect compliance with all statutory and policy requirements:
        • Membership, including nomination and election information
        • Locational, Title I and School Improvement funds budget approval (as applicable)
        • A+ Recognition Funds (as applicable)
        • SIP discussion and SIP approval
        • Quarterly update on SIP strategies including sharing and discussing of baseline and quarterly data.
        • Conduct a minimum of 8 meetings per year
      • SAC By-Laws/Operations Manual must available to public in the front office and upon request
    District or School Trainings:
    • Contact Kate Drilling at (239) 377-0149 for additional resources or training